More 'Live Fast And Prosper' Reviews

By Christian
April 21, 2000 - 11:12 PM

Jason Bates over at IGN Sci-Fi has put up his review of 'Live Fast And Prosper', an episode he wasn't really impressed with:

Here's our first new show in weeks, but it's a sedate little outing that unfolds as a straightforward morality play, and a scarcely memorable one at that. When this episode ends up in the Star Trek trivia books, the question will be 'Which sixth season episode of Voyager did Levar Burton (Next Gen's Geordi LaForge) direct?' A better question might be how did Burton fare. The answer should be competent, workmanlike, but hardly profound -- he gets in some subtext about how actors are like con artists, imposters all, but mostly he just tells the story in dry medium shots that do nothing to enliven a lackluster script.

In his full review, Bates awards the episode a rating of 3 out of 5.

Also new is Jeff Bond's review at Eon Magazine's Tube Reviews, in which the episode is awarded a C-:

Ultimately this is a "light" episode that doesn't have the virtue of being particularly funny. There's a limited entertainment value in watching three actors in ill-fitting Starfleet uniforms running the same bluff on different aliens, and the episode's final con job on the criminals themselves is less than elegant in its execution. "Live Fast and Prosper" looks like one of those iffy episodes that gets the go-ahead in order to fill up space right before the final blockbuster stories of the season get put into play.

Find the full review here. And to think that we all had such high hopes for the episode before it aired...

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