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Pocket Promotes Anniversary Star Trek Books

By Michelle
March 21, 2006 - 10:20 PM

Pocket Books is offering a preview of the titles it will release in 2006 to celebrate Star Trek's 40th anniversary, including reprints of classic novels from the 1980s and a six-part eBook series spanning thirty years of Star Trek history.

Simon and Schuster, of which Pocket Books is a division, has posted cover art, brief descriptions and in some cases author comments about the books, the first of which is scheduled for release in July. Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore said of their Vanguard novel Summon the Thunder, "New players enter the game and lots of curious onlookers come calling, each with their own agendas. But uniting them all is a burning curiosity - their need to know what Starfleet has discovered."

The next month, that book is joined by several others, including Captain's Glory, the concluding volume of the Totality trilogy by William Shatner with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens; the ninth Strange New Worlds volume, featuring short stories written by amateur fan writers; reissues of two Vulcan novels, D.C. Fontana's Vulcan's Glory and Margaret Wander Bonanno's Strangers from the Sky; and Bonanno's Burning Dreams, the life story of the tragic original Star Trek captain, Christopher Pike.

August also sees the beginning of the eBook series Mere Anarchy, in which seven writers tell the story of the desperate attempt to save a world devastated by a natural phenomenon, where issues from the Prime Directive to Klingon meddling to scientific crises all pose dilemmas. Things Fall Apart by Ward & Dilmore is the first volume, to be followed by two more in September and October and then another three from February-April 2007.

In September, a collection of short stories about the original Star Trek crew will be released with an introduction by "The Trouble with Tribbles" writer David Gerrold. Also in September comes the first of the Crucible trilogy by David R. George III, which explores how a single moment impacts the lives of Kirk, Spock and McCoy, plus a reissue of Pocket's first original Star Trek novel from 1981, Vonda N. McIntyre's The Entropy Effect. The Reeves-Stevenses return as well with a reissue of their Federation.

October sees the publication of Voyages of Imagination: The Star Trek Fiction Companion by Jeff Ayers, which spans 40 years of Star Trek fiction, including the early Bantam novels. "This is the book I wanted to read for the longest time and I was lucky enough to write it," said the author. Diane Duane's Rihannsu novels return to print in December with a new addition, The Empty Chair, which tell an alternate history of the Romulans.

Full coverage is at Simon & Schuster.

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