News Bullets

By Christian
March 21, 2000 - 12:36 AM

  • The official Jeri Lynn Ryan Homepage is reporting that the April 2000 issue of Cosmopolitan features tips on how to dress just like Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine). A scan from the magazine can be found here. (In case you were wondering, this is only about how Ryan personally dresses - Cosmopolitan doesn't teach you how to create Seven's Borg suit.)

  • Robert Lee Long at the Madison County Journal has put up an interview with Brent Spiner (Data), talking about his work on the upcoming 'The Ponder Heart' TV movie. A bit more info on the film, which is based on a novella by Eudora Welly, plus links to two more articles about it can be found on Welcome, Brent Spiner Fans!

  • TrekWeb has put up a copy of a report by Variety's Michael Schneider, stating that Regency Television has signed with Warner Bros. Television to co-produce a pilot episode for 'Day One', a new hour-long action-adventure series about passengers on a train who are vaulted into a futuristic landscape. The pilot's Executive Producer will be Michael Piller, who co-created DS9 and Voyager, as well as writing the 'Insurrection' script. He is joined by his sown Shawn Piller.

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