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Kristine Smith To Pen New DeForest Kelley Book

By T'Bonz
February 21, 2008 - 7:23 PM

Karl Urban has some big shoes to fill, says fan-turned-good friend of DeForest Kelley.

The Sci-Fi Reporter E-Newsletter interviewed Smith in their current issue which celebrated their second birthday. She spoke about DeForest Kelley, his fans, Star Trek, Star Trek XI and her upcoming projects, which include a new book on Kelly. On Star Trek XI, Smith feels that Urban, who will be playing Dr. McCoy, has some big shoes to fill. "Trying to capture the essence of McCoy again will be quite a daunting task because he was subtly and not so subtly, so many things to so many people," said Smith. "Bones was all over the place as a character, from tender to tough to humorous to haunting, from confused and nervous to utterly prepared to die to save someone else. I pray Urban has the time of his life, because I know De did in the role."

Kelley had been Smith's mentor and encourager for over thirty years, according to He helped to launch her writing career. In the twilight years of his life, she was his personal assistant and caregiver.

Smith discussed the longevity of Star Trek and what she felt made it so popular. "I think its secret is Trek's mythology and focus is well wrapped in hope for a future in which people will be engaged in scientific achievements and explorations that make us a blessing (rather than a scourge) as a species," she explained. "In the Star Trek universe, instead of using our intellect and our incredible technological achievements to carry us to the edge of Mutually Assured Destruction, we use our brains and our technology to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations."

Amongst her projects in progress is a new book on Kelly, to be titled The Enduring Legacy of Deforest Kelley: Actor, Healer, Friend. She envisions the book as a "keepsake memento from the people who knew De (or who just loved him and/or interacted with him from afar) to De's newest fans, those that fell for him as a result of the re-mastered and re-released original series episodes."

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