News Bullets

By Michelle
February 21, 2006 - 10:46 PM

  • Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun, Shran) will be at a Q&A before a screening of his cult film Re-Animator at the Steve Allen Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, notes LA Weekly.

  • The UK's Riverside Studios has posted the dates various stars will appear in The Exonerated onstage. Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) will play Sunny Jacobs from Tuesday April 18th - Sunday April 30th.

  • Sev Trek this week pays tribute to Andreas Katsulas' Babylon 5 incarnation G'Kar.

  • And speaking of Babylon 5, series star Bruce Boxleitner told Area 51 Radio Station that he did not expect Star Trek to return, since it did not appear to have enough of an audience.

  • Voyager writer James Swallow has written the story for the sci-fi strategy game Maelstrom, according to Total Video Games.

  • The Trades has a review of New Frontier: Missing in Action by Peter David, who "makes Star Trek books that are interesting to non-fans (or at least fans who aren't quite so ardent as others)."

  • Neocast has a downloadable interview with Bethesda Softworks' Pete Hines, who talks about acquiring the Star Trek gaming license.

  • Decipher has articles about the CCG cards on Kelby, Arrogant Engineer and the To Boldly Go foil contest winners.

  • Cinescape notes that DST and CBS Consumer Products will celebrate Star Trek's 40th anniversary with "four spectacular action figures" from "Mirror, Mirror" including Lieutenant Uhura, Dr. McCoy, Lieutenant Sulu and Ensign Chekov.

  • A press release at US Newswire announced the completion of a trailer for Starship Farragut, a fan film project set in the era of the original series.

  • Phone Scoop has photos of the HTC "Star Trek" phone, also known as the i-mate Smartflip, introduced at the 2006 3GSM World Congress.

  • Nissan's 4x4 Terranaut, reviewed at TechEBlog, is described as inspired by the USS Enterprise.

  • CableWORLD talks to Spike TV about its lineup, which includes The Next Generation and "objectionable, adult-oriented content" side by side.

  • The February 2006 issue of Classic Images contains obituaries for visual effects producer C. Marie Davis and stuntman Jerry Summers. Thanks to Alex.

  • The Animated Series section of has now been launched, along with DVD caps from Voyager's "Tattoo" and "The Gift" plus Enterprise's "Terra Nova".

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