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An archive of Star Trek News

News Bullets

By Michelle
February 21, 2005 - 10:10 PM

  • will interview Jeffrey Combs (Shran, Weyoun) tonight.

  • Jolene Blalock (T'Pol) will be on the overnight AM radio show Coast to Coast on February 22nd. Thanks to Dave and Joey.

  • The fan club of Patrick Stewart (Picard), The Patrick Stewart Network, will host a gathering with the actor on March 19th.

  • On his web site, George Takei (Sulu) comments on Enterprise's cancellation.

  • The Post-Gazette notes that LeVar Burton (LaForge) directed the fifth episode of Miracle's Boys on the new teen-focused N Network.

  • Brannon Braga's official site reports that the executive producer will appear this week at Claremont McKenna college in Los Angeles on February 23rd, and at Kent State University in April.

  • Daily Candy has a report on the opening of Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine)'s California restaurant, Ortolan.

  • The Age has a round-up on William Shatner (Kirk)'s music efforts.

  • Shatner has also narrated two short films, Seasons and Keeping America Strong.

  • Armin Shimerman (Quark) presented a "Heroes in Education" Award to a Santa Clara volunteer, reports Yahoo!.

  • James Darren (Vic Fontaine) will appear in Las Vegas this week at The Orleans Hotel and Casino.

  • The third season of Scott Bakula (Archer) has recorded an introductory message for NASA. Bakula's Quantum Leap on DVD is also on the way, according to TV Shows on DVD.

  • TrekPulse is taking questions for an interview with Menina Fortunato, who appears in the upcoming Enterprise episode "Bound" as an Orion Slave Girl.

  • Totally Kate! has posted answers to Twenty Questions With Kate Mulgrew (Janeway).

  • The actor and director of Star Wars fan film Pink 5 were cast as a Vulcan and a Tellarite in Star Trek: Enterprise's "Demons", according to this blog. has coverage too.

  • Spacecast, the Canadian Space channel, notes that the network cannot co-fund a new Enterprise season and advises fans not to lobby them to do so.

  • At, win a ride on Virgin Galactic's Enterprise! Thanks to TrekWeb.

  • The USS Improvise parodies the original Star Trek.

  • TrekPulse has a parody of Enterprise's "Affliction."

  • TrekPulse has also posted new TNG and DS9 screen caps.

  • The Ledger-Enquirer has an article for President's Day about Abraham Lincoln appearing in popular entertainment, including the original series' "The Savage Curtain."

  • There's a new contest at Sev Trek on the many uses of the deflector dish.

  • Eugenics Wars writer Greg Cox will take part in a Q&A with

  • SyFy Portal has reviewed the "Babel One"-"United"-"The Aenar" trilogy.

  • Soul of Star Trek has thoughts on Enterprise in the home stretch.

  • Yet another cancellation perspective: Why I Stopped Watching 'Enterprise' by an original Trekker.

  • has a mini-review of the DeForest Kelley biography From Sawdust To Stardust.

  • Sci Fi Hobby has scans of collector cards autographed by cast members from the upcoming Star Trek: Enterprise season four trading card set. Amok Times has more information.

  • Star Trek Gaming Universe put together a feature on the recently released Weapons Mod II for the PC game Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force. More information can be found at GameSpy.

  • And there's a witty article at Random Perspective on Americans believing the Enteprise and Jack Bauer are real.

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