Montgomery Loves Goofing Around On Set

By Caillan
February 21, 2002 - 3:02 PM

Anthony Montgomery photo - courtesy Star Trek Media, copyright Paramount Pictures

Anthony Mongtomery (Travis Mayweather) doesn't look at Enterprise like work - it's more a chance to have a bit of fun with his fellow cast members.

"We all laugh a lot," Montgomery told UPN 13 News (via Star Trek Media). "I probably tend to laugh more than anybody on set."

Although Jolene Blalock (T'Pol) plays an austere Vulcan on screen, when the camera's off she likes to let her hair down with everyone else. "Jo is just like my sister, albeit a really sexy sister," Montgomery said. "But she's a sister - she belches and she's goofy and she takes out those little fart machines. She's just like an extension of my family."

Montgomery is clearly a happy-go-lucky person and even the prospect of a date with the decontamination chamber won't dampen his spirits. "Apparently the fans want to see Travis in his skivvies, because they haven't seen Travis in his skivvies yet," the actor said, laughing. "I'm okay with that."

Despite this movement to get Mayweather to shed his uniform, the young helmsman is yet to have an on-screen romance. With the whole galaxy at his feet, who would Montgomery pick? "A couple of the women from Draylax. With the three, uh, fans of the show will know what I'm talking about."

To view the 2-minute news segment, which also features some behind the scenes footage, head to over Star Trek Media.

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