Shatner's New Web Site Blasts Off

By Caillan
February 21, 2002 - 11:03 AM

'' - courtesy, copyright DHG & Melis Productions

Original Series actor William Shatner (James T. Kirk) yesterday launched his new official web site.

Touted as an "unique and wonderful adventure," aims to be an interactive portal between Shatner and online fans. The site will be run by the actor's daughter Lisabeth Shatner with assistance from Creative Light Entertainment.

"We came into contact with the people at Creative Light and met up with them on a number of occasions," Lisabeth Shatner told Ian Cullen at Sci-Fi Pulse. "It's only recently that we have had the opportunity to do something with the site. I think that my father has been wanting to interact more with the fans for quite some time, but has never really had the technical know-how which is where Creative Light came in."

There are five key sections to the web site. The first, entitled 'Bill's Space,' features columns from Shatner himself on subjects ranging from everyday life to upcoming projects. The area currently features digitised footage of Shatner paragliding.

Lisabeth Shatner was very enthusiastic about her own corner of the site, which contains an online diary, an art exchange and 'Ruby,' an interactive story about a young woman with psychic powers.

'' - courtesy, copyright DHG & Melis Productions "'Ruby' is going to be very much the story element of the website," she said. "'Ruby' is an interactive murder mystery, which I have written especially for the web site, and I am very excited about it. The idea is that I will write episodes of the story and the fans that visit can go to the Ruby Message Boards to interact with her, or alternatively they can go to my board and talk to me about their idea for the web site and any story developments."

Fans will be able to access images from the Shatner family album, see the trailer for 'Mind Meld' and more in the 'Sights and Sounds' area. There is also a bulletin board and chat room where Shatner and his daughter will interact with visitors and an online store brimming with 'Shatnerdise.'

To start exploring the site, head over to The full interview with Lisabeth Shatner is available here at Sci-Fi Pulse.

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