Takei Is Happy To Join Up With 'Heroes'

By Michelle
January 21, 2007 - 3:23 AM

George Takei (Sulu) said that one of his biggest challenge on NBC's hit Heroes is performing all his scenes in Japanese - the first time he has ever acted in the language of the country of his ancestors, though he speaks it fluently.

"Here it is, prime-time network popular television, and [we have] whole scenes being played in a foreign language with English subtitles," Takei told Sci Fi Wire. "I think it's a great commentary on how sophisticated and how global our television-viewing audience has become."

Takei will play the tradition-bound father of time-traveler Hiro Nakamura. "I really don't know who my character is and why my character does what he does and what his motivations are," Takei admitted. "With each new script, I make new discoveries. Is he good or is he bad? Is he domineering or is he being told to behave that way? I mean, there's so many ambiguous things about it."

The character of Hiro's father is an industrialist from a well-respected family who finds his son's unusual talents a challenge to his desire for a child who will follow in his footsteps. Because Hiro is known to be a Star Trek fan, Takei believes they should make reference to his role on the original series: "They should work it in there. At least, 'Papa, you look like Sulu.'" The actor has filmed three episodes of Heroes and believes his character may return for more.

The original article is at Sci Fi Wire.

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