Stark Naked Phlox!

By Michelle
January 21, 2004 - 5:35 PM

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In an upcoming episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, Dr. Phlox carries out his orders "mad, naked and all by myself," John Billingsley revealed.

Speaking to Sci Fi Wire at, the actor said that in the upcoming "Doctor's Orders", currently scheduled to air on February 18th, "I walk around naked — sweeps week, baby!"

"We have to traverse a very dangerous part of space if we're to get to the Xindi weapon in time," Billingsley explained. "And in that amazing way I have of somehow knowing this s--t, I say, 'Well, if we do this, all of the humans are going to be driven mad."

Because he believes his Denobulan physiology will protect him, the doctor puts the crew into unconscious states and tries to run the ship himself, "and it turns out I was a little optimistic, and this weird section of space is actually kind of driving me mad, too. So now I'm mad, all by myself."

Billingsley joked that he had ideas to depict differences between Denobulan and human physiology. "In the nude scene, I was hoping...I walk in the room, and a flower pot gets knocked over all the way [on the other side]."

The producers balked, though Sci Fi Wire reported that a UPN spokesman claimed Billingsley filmed the nude scenes in part because the producers called his bluff.

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