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By Amy
January 21, 2001 - 4:27 PM

  • Michael Hinman over at SyFy World has posted his take on Wednesday's Voyager episode, 'Shattered'. He seemed to think it was pretty good, giving it a relativly high score.

    A quest for continuity

    I have to give the writers some credit here ... they really went out of their way to try and establish the best continuity possible. This took some research, and it's nice to know that Kenneth Biller is allowing the writers time to do just that -- something we rarely saw under Brannon Braga's control.

    I especially liked the part when the Chakotay from the present and the Janeway from the past discover crewman lying unconscious in the corridor and Chakotay was able to identify two different scenarios that could've caused it (even the first officer seems to acknowledge that some story concepts are being recycled more than my aunt's holiday fruit cake).

    I am a bit surprised that Janeway and Chakotay didn't run into other Janeway instances in the Bun of Steel, travelling through some weird-ass time frame. I mean, this has been repeated how many times?

    To read Micheal's full review, please follow this link.

  • Meanwhile, Jim Wright's page, Delta Blues, has been updated, but unfortunatly not with a new review. Instead, he has posted transcripts of 'Flesh and Blood' parts one and two, as well as one of 'Shattered'.

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