'Legacy' Continues To Bring In Mixed Reviews

By Michelle
December 20, 2006 - 11:09 PM

New Star Trek themes for Xbox 360 dashboards have arrived as reviews of the new game Star Trek: Legacy continue to praise the concept but express unhappiness with the bugs currently in the game.

GameSpot reports that Microsoft has released Star Trek-themed pics, which can be picked up in packs featuring Romulan, Klingon, Borg and Federation ships for 100 points each. Gamers can also get dashboard themes with ships from each of the major franchise eras for for 150 points each.

Reviews, however, continue to be mixed. GameSpot rated the game a 5.8, "mediocre", with higher scores for the graphics and sound than the gameplay. Like most reviewers, Jason Ocampo was delighted to have all five captains together in a single storyline. But "clumsy controls and camera scheme create a steep learning curve", and frustrations with mission design, the inability to save mid-mission and the bugs diminished the experience.

ActionTrip rated the game "Okay", saying that the story is sufficiently challenging and the voiceovers impressive, but technical problems and weak controls diminish the game play. "You'll be able to enjoy a game that actually spans across the entire Star Trek timeline, offering ships and characters from practically every era," wrote Ure "Vader" Paul, though he felt the game "suffers a great deal from unresponsive and unintuitive controls. Maneuvering can be exasperating."

Game Rankings' Steve Butts said, "Now that the game is here, we can see that being a starship captain isn't nearly as fun as it first seemed", and though he was impressed with the story, he wasn't impressed by the graphics. "The PC version of Star Trek Legacy is among the most disappointing games of the year," he concluded.

"Star Trek: Legacy is one legacy best left forgotten," stated GameWorld Network's PC Games reviewer Kevin Blanchard. While he was quite impressed with the ship models and the way the smaller vessels operated, "unfortunately for those of us who might like to decide for ourselves what button works best to steer to port or restore shield strength, you are stuck with what the developers decided was best...most of their selections in that regard are terrible." He enjoyed most of the voice acting, though he found William Shatner's Captain Kirk rather flat in the role.

Blanchard also wrote a review for UGO, giving the game a C+ overall and expressing his unhappiness with the fact that players never feel in control during the game.

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