Moore Re-Commits To NBC Universal

By Michelle
December 20, 2005 - 8:14 PM

Former Star Trek writer-producer Ron Moore has signed a new deal with Universal, committing him for two years to create and develop series with an emphasis on science fiction.

Variety reported on the pact between Moore and NBC Universal Television, where Moore is already working on the fantasy Pen and the Sword for NBC and Warehouse 13 for the Sci Fi Channel. He will also continue as the executive producer of Battlestar Galactica, which begins its second season next month on Sci Fi.

"I'm especially happy to see that 'Battlestar' has gotten recognition from critics. I've always believed in the show," Moore told Variety, though he insisted that he does not think of himself as a science fiction writer: "It's something I've become known for, but the stories I tell are character-driven narratives."

Pen and the Sword focuses on a young man who discovers that the building he works in allows him to escape into a medieval alternate reality. "It's definitely something different for a broadcast network," said Moore.

Warehouse 13 centers on a pair of government officials who work in a storage facility cataloguing artifacts, each of which draws them into supernatural backstories and quests. Moore described it as "'Northern Exposure'-esque and more comedic than anything else I've seen on Sci Fi."

NBC Universal Television president Angela Bromstad said that it was important to the studio to keep Moore with them, saying that Moore's "prolific work is recognized throughout the industry for its wit and creativity."

The original article is from Variety.

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