Region 2 Star Trek Release Dates for 2005 Revealed

By Michelle
December 20, 2004 - 9:45 PM

Paramount has revealed its planned released dates for Star Trek DVDs in Region 2 format for 2005, including new editions of the remaining films and all four seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise.

The R2 Project lists dates for releases of Star Trek: First Contact (April 25th), Star Trek: Insurrection (June 6th) and Star Trek: Nemesis (November 7th), all presumably special editions since these films have previously been released on DVD.

The remaining box sets of Star Trek: Voyager will be released early in 2005, with season five out on January 10th, season six on March 7th and season seven on April 18th. Denise Crosby's Trekkies 2 will be released on March 7th as well, while The 4400, the Sci-Fi miniseries executive produced by Ira Steven Behr with several other former Deep Space Nine writers on staff, will come out on January 10th.

The four sets of Star Trek: Enterprise will arrive on May 3rd, June 6th, August 1st and October 3rd respectively.

Please keep in mind that these dates are tentative and subject to change by the studio. The original news item is at The R2 Project.

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