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T'Pol's Logic Enters New Phase

By Kristine
December 20, 2003 - 11:26 PM

Jolene Blalock says she doesn't see her Enterprise character, T'Pol, as any more or less Vulcan than her predecessors, but does believe the Vulcan is charting new territory by leaving the High Command.

Speaking at an interview in Star Trek: Monthly, the actress said she believes T'Pol will stick to her logical roots, despite losing the backing of the High Command. "It's still there. Now it's taken on another dynamic, just because she's no longer backed by the High Command," she said. "Now it's almost like her opinion, but that proves another development of the characters, which is interesting…."

Blalock sees T'Pol's situation as different because she's chosen to stay with the Enterprise. "It is different now. It feels a little bit like a child walking around and sort of learning how to walk and learning how to touch things. Everything's a little new," Blalock said of her character's experience of the third season.

Blalock said she has enjoyed the changes her character has gone through. "She's been a lot of fun to develop," she said. "She's constantly changing. The thing that I love--and this has to do with the writers and namely Brannon Braga--each episode has had an arc, where she begins somewhere and ends somewhere else. And I love that. So it always gives her a place to go and a place to experience change."

When the subject of romance with a member of the crew was broached, it is observed that possibly the only male crewmember that hasn't come up as a potential mate is Travis Mayweather (Anthony Montomery). "I think Travis deserves his chance," she said. "I love Anthony. Maybe we should go that way."

For more from Blalock on her repartee with the show's creators and her excitment about the continuing evolution of Enterprise, visit Sci Fi Pulse.

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