Russ Directs Short Films

By Michelle
December 20, 2003 - 7:24 PM

Tim Russ, Star Trek: Voyager's Tuvok, has recently directed several short films, including the Star Trek spoof Roddenberry on Patrol.

A Tribute To Tim Russ reported that Russ premiered Roddenberry on Patrol at the Great Bird of the Galaxy convention in El Paso, Texas the weekend of November 15-16th.

In addition, wrote Maria Nausch at the web site, Russ spoke about two other short films on which he is working, Mind Games and The Routine, at that convention and on Seatrek 2003, which took place from December 7-14th.

Russ stars in Roddenberry on Patrol, which Nichelle Nichols told Russ that Roddenberry "would have loved", a parody in which the character of the Trek creator gains inspiration while doing police work.

The film also features appearances by Robert Beltran, Walter Koenig, Dan Chase and several other Trek actors.

Mind Games, stated Nausch, is based on a real story: "It is about two people with multiple personalities, one personality of the woman seducing one personality of the man, and once her other personality is in charge, she accuses him of having raped her."

The Routine is about a man who lives his life in rigid routine until he quits his job, when the person who takes over for him then takes on the same repetitions. Russ plans to screen these two shorts at film festivals in the future.

Roddenberry on Patrol is available on DVD from More information is available at A Tribute To Tim Russ.

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