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Park: 'Enterprise' 'Poses Relevant Questions'

By Kristine
December 20, 2003 - 12:08 AM

Linda Park praised Enterprise's third season and talked about the show's attempts to tell more daring stories.

"It's good to be in a show that isn't didactic or preachy but poses relevant questions," she said in an interview with Star Trek: Monthly. She says she sees her character, Ensign Hoshi Sato, caught between Archer's passion to save Earth and T'Pol and Phlox's outside observer status. "Hoshi...finds herself caught between her own ideals and principals," Park explained. "Is it right that to survive in the real world you have to be dirty and messy and be the bad guy sometimes?"

She sees Enterprise's current storyline, the pursuit of the Xindi, a race that is out to destroy Earth, as particularly timely and relevant. "How many times has America become involved in a culture that we don't understand, and tried to make decision for them that may not actually be the best thing?" Park queried. She also noted the time when Archer got tough on a prisoner in Anomaly. "It's a blurry line and there's already been a scene where the Captain does something off screen to a prisoner to make him speak up. He comes in to the situation room and says, 'Yes, he did talk,' but we don't know exactly what happened," she said.

Park also discussed something many Trek actors have encounted and bemoaned: alien prosthetics. "I recently got to wear full prosthetics for the first time [in "Extinction"]," she said. "[A]s anyone who's worn prosthetics will tell you--it's like a little bit of hell."

Despite the grueling make up sessions, Park enjoyed the episode. "It was great because we got to do something that we probably wouldn't have risked in previous years," she said. "There were times last year when I'd got stuck in the same routine, but in this episode I could create a new character to play out. Our senses were really sharp and out movements were very deliberate." She also praised director LeVar Burton (Geordi LaForge). "[W]e love having him on the show," she said of Burton.

For more from Park on her more routine duties on the show and the other directors she enjoys working with, check out the transcription of the interview at Sci Fi Pulse.

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