Baird Spills 'Nemesis' DVD Details

By Caillan
December 21, 2002 - 3:36 AM

While the previous Next Generation films have only received bare-bones DVD releases, the 'Star Trek Nemesis' DVD is set to come packed with extra features, according to director Stuart Baird.

"When you make a film, there's always extra stuff that you don't use," Baird told Empire Online. "When I first saw the script, I knew it would run way too long but I shot most of it anyway. I'll never cut them back into the movie because I don't think they make it work but I'll show them on the DVD because I think the fans will enjoy them."

In addition to a director's commentary, storyboards and interviews, Empire Online reported the 'Nemesis' DVD will have a special extended ending of the film. The additional scenes take place after Data's death and feature the incoming Enterprise-E first officer Commander Madden and a new chair for Captain Picard.

"We had this big climax, with the battle and then some heart-rending moments with the crew," Baird said. "But then after all the gloom, I wanted a touch of hope, for the sun to just come out and end the movie. But there was a whole bunch of other scenes, which were jokey: saying goodbye to other people and a scene with the Captain's new chair and it just seemed superfluous. The film was already over, really, so I cut them out."

The original article, which contains details of other cut scenes, is available at Empire Online. Thanks to Johan Albrechtsen and Doug Wilson for this!

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