Keating On 'Enterprise's' Appeal

By Caillan
December 20, 2001 - 3:33 PM

Enterprise has been a ratings success since it premiered in September, and Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed) has a theory why viewers are tuning in week after week.

"Our show definitely appeals to an audience now because it's close enough in time where you can get a concept of what it might be like," Keating told Sci-Fi Wire.

The actor cited the fallibility of the Enterprise crew as a reason for the series's appeal. "We live like spacemen in those suits a lot of the time, and we mess up," he said. "We don't get it all right the whole time. It's kind of like Lewis and Clark. We're explorers, and it's the first expedition into deep space for humankind. There is an earthy quality to it, even though it's SF drama. It's [also] funny, and it's sexy and altogether more human."

As for Enterprise's predecessor, Voyager, Keating said that the series may have lacked spark. "I never watched Voyager, but Voyager got a huge pilot figure, even bigger than ours, dare I say. Why they dropped off? I don't know. It probably got a bit sterile, and that's why [Rick Berman and Brannon Braga] brought Enterprise back to be a prequel and [brought] it closer to some sort of sense of human drama."

The original interview can be found here at Sci-Fi Wire.

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