'Star Trek XI' Los Angeles Clip Preview

By T'Bonz
November 20, 2008 - 10:51 PM

Reaction is still strong regarding the four clips introduced by J.J. Abrams and previewed in various cities recently.

As reported by Wired, some familiar Star Trek XI names were in attendance at the recent Los Angeles Star Trek XI preview. In addition to J.J. Abrams, who introduced the four clips shown to the audience, Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, John Cho, Bruce Greenwood (Captain Pike), Ben Cross (Sarek) and Chris Hemsworth (George Kirk) were present for the forty-five minute preview.

The film has plenty of human drama and Abrams spoke of what he felt had worked best. "Some of my favorite stuff in the film takes place between Spock and Kirk," he said. "They don't get along. Spock's first order of business is to get Kirk the f--k off the ship."

Bruce Greenwood, who plays Captain Pike, spoke a little about taking on the role of Christopher Pike. "I'm reprising Jeffrey Hunter's role, so I looked at what he'd done," said Greenwood. "Someone told me his son was trying to get a hold of me. I don't know if he had any concerns, but I never heard from him." How was it for Greenwood to don the Starfleet uniform? "Let me tell you, those suits are uncomfortable," he said, "but getting to have all that authority is nice."

Wired also reported on the reaction to the four clips shown at the Los Angeles preview. "It's safe to say that Abrams' Trek will be younger, brighter, busier and more frenetically paced than any previous incarnation," said the reviewer. "The performances are edgier and louder, but not better. The effects are spectacular and executed on a scale never attempted by any Trek film. And, while connected to Gene Roddenberry's creation, this film is deliberately and unquestionably built in its own universe, constructing its story on the idea that the original Star Trek time line has been destroyed and must be reconstructed as closely as possible."

Wired went on to say that if one found Star Trek "entertaining because of the exploits and interactions of characters of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and company," that fans would be content because "Kirk is still a man of action, Spock is still brilliant and McCoy and Scotty are still effective comic relief. Abrams' vision is as much 'Star Trek' as your eye will let it be."

Sci Fi Wire gave their verdict on the four clips, giving a "mixed, but generally good" verdict. "There is much to like in Abrams' new take on Star Trek," said the reviewer. "But we'll have to see the entire film to judge whether it successfully reboots the franchise. In particular, the franchise's heart and soul, the interactions among the key characters, are only hinted at in the preliminary footage. Stay tuned."

Star Trek XI's Chris Pine had a bit to say about his love scene, as reported by Eonline and it will answer a question brought up by some of the fans. Just who was with Kirk in that love scene from the trailer? Pine revealed that it was Rachel Nichols, who plays a green Orion girl and is in one of the movie's two love scenes. How was it to "make out" with a "hot Orion?" "It was a lot of fun, but I think the day actually was a twenty-hour day," said Pine. "So by the end, the novelty wears off. After many sandwiches and meals through the day, all you want to do is brush your teeth and go home."

How did William Shatner react to the recently released trailer? Shatner made his views known on his YouTube site in a short, funny clip. Have a watch and enjoy the creative reaction to the Star Trek XI trailer by the original Captain Kirk.

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