News Bullets

By Michelle
November 20, 2005 - 11:09 PM

  • Dominic Keating (Reed) thinks die-hard Trekkers will never die, notes the Indy Star.

  • Rolling Stone's review of Syriana praises "the superb Alexander Siddig" (Bashir).

  • Sid City, Siddig's official site, has 2006 Sid calendars available.

  • Totally Kate! has photos of Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) at the AWARE luncheon in Colorado on November 3rd.

  • On November 21st, Chase Masterson (Leeta) of interviews Robert Beltran (Chakotay), her co-star in a recent Sci Fi Channel movie, Manticore.

  • Yahoo! has picked up the story on the delay in launching James Doohan (Scotty)'s ashes into space.

  • Martha Hackett (Seska) has appeared in The Blue Dahlia at Pacific Resident Theatre since October 29th.

  • At IGN, there is a quote from Brannon Braga on how he thinks CBS is trying to help Threshold by moving it to Tuesday nights at 10 (opposite the aforementioned Boston Legal).

  • notes that in Daily Variety's list of the 50 most influential people in comedy in the past year, Sarah Silverman (who appeared on Voyager) and Seth MacFarlane (who appeared on Enterprise) were cited for Jesus Is Magic and The Family Guy respectively.

  • Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) in the online film Music Is My Life, Politics Is My Mistress.

  • Requisite William Shatner item: TV Squad wonders who would buy Shatner (Kirk)'s kidney stone on eBay, saying:
    If you can think of a way to explain you are the proud owner of William Shatner's kidney stone in a way that still gets you laid, you're a better actor than he is.

  • has an editorial on how much fun it is watching Shatner and James Spader on Boston Legal.

  • Fan site news: The recently closed Section 31 will remain open under new management.

  • However, TrekPulse is the latest site to shut down, citing high costs, technical problems and concerns about copyright issues.

  • Save Enterprise, which has not closed, will host a chat with Anthony Montgomery (Mayweather) on November 21st.

  • And the Australian site TrekZone is planning an overhaul for 2006. In addition, the site's parent company is planning a sci-fi night for community television across Australia in February 2006 and is seeking fan films.

  • Decipher has articles on the 27-card Genesis CCG expansion, the Klingon Target Practice event card and its call for writers for the site.

  • Myth Games states that Peter S. Beagle, who wrote the episode "Sarek" for TNG, has joined the story support staff for the MMORPG Horizons: Empire of Istaria.

  • An article in Central Michigan Life on medical ethics discusses a panel that kicked off with a viewing of Star Trek: The Next Generation and subsequent analysis of themes like assisted suicide and experimental medicine.

  • Soul of Star Trek has an essay on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and "On the Lost Star Trek 40th Anniversary Book."

  • Joshua Ortega will write a new Original Series comic for Star Trek's 40th anniversary next year, notes CBR News.

  • And Sev Trek has a punchline for its Shakespeare cartoon and a new caption contest about PADDs.

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