More Season Seven Spoilers

By Christian
November 20, 2000 - 11:57 PM

Over at TrekWeb, Steve Krutzler posted a new set of plot premises for Voyager's seventh season, now giving us about all the plot premises for the first two-thirds of the season. Here's a summary of the new info:

  • As previously rumoured, Q will likely be making a final appearance on Voyager, in the episode 'Q Two'. The episode will feature Q's teenage son needing help from Godmother Janeway.

  • In the second two-parter of the year, entitled 'Workforce', Janeway and some of her crew will be in an alien city as part of its workforce.

  • 'The Temple', in which Paris's new holo-program poses serious logic threats for Tuvok, has now been retitled into 'Godhead'.

  • "A little-known Series Five-co-creator" may return for the episode 'Author...', in which the Doctor writes his own holo-memories.

  • In the episode 'Federation', Janeway must forge an alliance of aliens to help Voyager escape duress.

  • And finally, 'Human Error' has Seven of Nine exploring her fantasy life.
As usual, please be aware that none of this has been officially confirmed by Paramount yet. The original report can be found by going here.

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