News Bullets

By Michelle
October 20, 2005 - 6:42 PM

  • Scott Bakula (Archer) will host a History Channel series, History's Mysteries, beginning Monday, October 24th at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. A list of episodes is here.

  • Totally Kate! has a transcript of Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) and playwright Matthew Lombardo talking about Tea At Five.

  • Dwight Schultz (Barclay) is doing a radio show about The A Team with Dirk Benedict, who played Starbuck on the original Battlestar Galactica, notes Jam! Television.

  • The Bambi 2 trailer from Disney features the voice of Patrick Stewart (Picard).

  • Soul of Star Trek has a writeup on John de Lancie (Q)'s first performance in The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial and other Trek actors who have participated in L.A. Theatre Works productions.

  • Clinton, Iowa's Clinton Herald has an article on The Trek Life comic artist David Reddick, who also works on the new Professor Garfield site.

  • Sev Trek's contest asks what use is Counselor Tryhard.

  • The Los Angeles Times reports that due to changes in the timetable for the split of Viacom, Inc., Paramount will not make a bid for DreamWorks SKG. New Paramount Chairman Brad Grey had favored trying to acquire Dreamworks, would have given Paramount more live-action movies, which would have filled out Paramount's future release slate and given the studio the right to distribute DreamWorks' animated fare.

  • Yahoo! has picked up a story on the fan project Starship Farragut, which has completed filming the exterior footage, including outdoor planetary scenes, of a trailer to showcase the series.

  • Decipher introduces Worlds, the seventh book in the Star Trek Roleplaying Game line. The 192-page supplement can be previewed now as a PDF file.

  • British tabloid The Sun Online reports that 36 percent of Brits surveyed believe that warp speed actually exists. A third of them also believe that time travel via something like Doctor Who's TARDIS will be possible in the future as well.

  • has reviewed the special edition of Star Trek: Nemesis, giving it two stars out of five.

  • BlogCritics has a mostly positive review of the third season of Enterprise on DVD.

  • Pocket Books' parent company Simon and Schuster has announced the USS Titan design contest winner, Sean Tourangeau of Colorado Springs.

  • And several readers sent in links to stories about transparent aluminum, for which Scotty gave away the formula in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, becoming a reality. There are articles at LiveScience and Air Force Link.

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