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Meyer Talks Playing A Romulan In 'Nemesis'

By Lisa
September 21, 2002 - 12:50 AM

Dina Meyer recently spoke about her role as Romulan Star Empire Commander Donatra in 'Star Trek Nemesis.'

"She's a Romulan, and Romulans are the cousins to the Vulcans. The Vulcans, I think, are more of a mild-mannered, mellow people. The Romulans are a little more aggressive," Meyer told Prevue Magazine. "She's the commander of a warbird."

The actress revealed that she worked on the movie four hours a day for a week, and got to work with Tom Hardy (Shinzon) and Ron Perlman (Viceroy). "They shot all the Next Generation stuff first and then they shot the Romulan stuff at the end of the production," she explained.

Meyer appeared as Private Dizzy Flores in the genre movie 'Starship Troopers.' She is currently at work on Birds of Prey - a series based on the DC comic of the same name for the WB. Meyer will play Barbara Gordon in the show, which will begin on October 9th.

The actress said that she enjoyed her time as a Romulan commander. "It's another strong, smart role that I got to play," she said. "For me, it's just very flattering to be chosen for the part. I get to be a part of Star Trek, a series that's been on the air longer than I've been alive!"

For more from Dina Meyer, including more on Birds of Prey follow this link to Prevue Magazine. Thanks go out to TrekWeb for this news.

Meanwhile Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Picard) expressed his surprise at the 'Generation's Final Journey' tag used to advertise the movie.

"I think that took all of us by surprise; as far as I was concerned, we were doing another movie - and not what is described as the final one," Stewart told the Orlando Sentinel.

"But if this were to be the final Next Generation movie, it would be, in most respects, an ideal way to close this particular story line and group of characters. If, on the other hand, there was interest in more, it does offer a wonderful opportunity for a quite startling sequel."

The actor also touched on the choice to bring in a director new to the franchise - Stuart Baird - for the film. "We all thought it was a very healthy thing to do," said Stewart. "I don't think Stuart knew the series at all, but he comes to us from a distinguished background of action editing and motion picture directing."

Stewart's original comments can be found here at the Orlando Sentinel. Thanks to TrekWeb for this!

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