Scott Bakula On Jonathan Archer

By Lisa
September 21, 2002 - 12:01 AM

Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) recently gave an insight into the way he sees his Enterprise character.

"I like that he's more of an emotional character than a brainy character and that quite often he works out of his gut as opposed to out of his head," Bakula told chatters in a live event at MSN. "I like that he makes mistakes."

The actor expressed his gratitude towards fans of the series. "What's been nice is that my captainship and this franchise," he said. "This version of the Star Trek franchise has been so heartily supported by the fans and that makes me and my cast feels great. We don't take it lightly or for granted."

But taking on the role of Archer has not been without its challenges. "I think in the beginning the challenge was getting a handle on the language and the demands of being letter perfect in terms of the scripts," he explained. "I think now, the continuing challenge is to push the writers and all the other creative teams to keep looking for new stories, new devices and new ideas."

One fan wasn't afraid to as the actor the important question - just how many times has Bakula bumped his head on the rafters in Archer's ready room? "That's a great question," the actor laughed. "I would say between myself and my crew, we're well over a hundred."

The complete transcript of the event with Scott Bakula is online here at Thanks go out to Scifi Pulse for this news.

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