Linda Park's 'Enterprise' Excitement

By Lisa
September 20, 2001 - 4:00 PM

Been downloading the trailers for Enterprise or tuning into UPN just to catch one? It's not only potential Enterprise fans who have been enjoying them. In a recent interview Linda Park (Hoshi Sato) talked about the cast's reaction to seeing the promotional trailers too.

"We're all pretty excited by it. It's very techno-action, edgier quality that Star Trek has not had before," she told SciFi Talk. "Those are fun to see. We're so inside our work to be able to step back and see the excitement an audience might feel because we have been in it for a while now and so consumed by it. But seeing the trailers just goes back to the initial excitement and joy of the show."

"It really is overwhelming especially to see the trailers," she added. "To see ourselves really as the characters. to see what the audience is going to see."

The actress spoke about the auditions that lead to her winning the part as the Enterprise's Communications Officer. "It was a pretty long process," she said. "I didn't go in repeatedly for a lot of times but they spent a lot of time looking for actors. The first time that they had seen me what my agent told me was that I was one of the few that they liked. They wanted to get more prospective because they kept wanting to audition more possibilities for the character."

"It was a long process but knowing that the producers did like me that much gave me a lot more confidence in the room when I did go back knowing that they were on my side. They wanted to see me do well. It became a warm audition experience."

Park also hinted about a future plot line that will heavily feature Hoshi Sato. "She decides actually that she is not cut out for space. She considers telling the captain that she wants to go back to the University," she explained. "There's a lot that happens during that episode. It's a really nice turning point early on in the series where she can finally accept space. She has to swallow her fear and force herself to grow. The director was amazing, Alan Kroeker. People will be blown away. And there's some really creepy scary stuff in this episode."

More from Linda Park, including her thoughts on her fellow Enterprise cast members and her character, can be found in the original interview at SciFi Talk. Details of how you can listen to Park's interview are also available on the SciFi Talk web site.

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