'Deeper Side of Trek'

By Amy
September 20, 2000 - 5:17 AM has posted another edition of the bi-weekly 'Deeper Side of Trek' column by Jamahl Epsicokhan, who also runs the Star Trek: Hypertext review site. This week he looks at Trek Tech or tehcnobabble, the often annoying or self-contradictory but essential part of the Trek universe.

Last time on Deeper Side, I ventured a bit into the mostly uncharted territory known as "average" civilian Federation society -- realizing we really don't know a whole lot about it.

And as I said, there's probably no real reason we need to -- exists as a distant background element for stories about the people on starships, but the workings of society as depicted on Trek can still be hard to understand from the perspective of the year 2000.

This time, I'd like to single out a specific subset of Federation society that we can't fully comprehend: the technology.

Naturally, part of the reason why it can be so hard understand Trek tech is because it's only a function of story, leaving the shows full of contradictions and unexplored technical possibilities. However, this column is sometimes about imagining things beyond what the shows would like to give us and so, since the source material hasn't covered all the technical bases, we can still have some fun with it.

In the full article, Jahmahl looks at Warp Drive, 'Fun With Molecules' and technology in storytelling.

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