Bakula Talks Human-Vulcan Relationship

By Christian
August 20, 2001 - 2:30 PM

Enterprise star Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) recently spoke about the strained relationship between the human and the Vulcan race that will be such an important element of Series V.

"With the Vulcans, it's a tricky thing, and that's what's interesting about it," Bakula said in a new video interview at Zap2It. "[Although] they've been friendly, in our scenario [the Vulcans] have also given us information that in their opinion is what we need to know. [They've] been encouraging us in our space program, and in our exploration, and in developing the warp engine, [but] they haven't just said, 'Well, here it is. Stick it on the back of a ship and you guys are set.' They've made us work slowly and basically they're not anxious for us to be out in space."

In fact, the Vulcans will apparently not be anxious to deal with the humans at all. "They're not particularly great fans of the human race, although by a 150 years from now we've done a lot of wonderful things on the planet, [...] and we're in a much better place [than] we are today. So they're not adversaries as such, but we're not pals."

While Bakula has always been happy to talk about the general premise of Enterprise, he has been reluctant to give out any specific spoilers. To Zap2It he confirmed that he values a certain degree of secrecy. "[People] are so curious about it," he said. "It's hard to keep anything a secret in our business anymore because we spend all of our time telling everybody everything we do. Which I think is a shame, because I think it's much more fun [...] to turn on a TV set and be surprised by what you see, rather than having the script out on the internet for two months. [Then] you've read it, and it's like, 'Yeah, okay, this is the scene where...' You know, we've taken a lot of our own magic away."

Bakula admitted that he understood where the fans were coming from. "Yeah, you want to know, but wanting to know is good. Knowing is - then it's over, you've got to know something else. The carrot just stays in front of us all the time, through what we've done to our own business. Nobody believes that if they just keep their mouth shut, and create a little buzz and a little mystique, that people will stil watch it."

In the original video interviews, Bakula also talked about the benefits and pitfalls of doing Enterprise, and elaborated a bit on how the series would handle being set a hundred years before Spock. The videos are available in low- and high-bandwidth versions in both RealPlayer and Windows Media format by following this link to Zap2It. Please be aware that, at the time of this writing, the links to the first and second clip where showing the same clips.

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