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Logan On What Makes A Great Trek Film

By Lisa
July 20, 2002 - 4:29 PM

Trek X writer John Logan recently commented on the ingredients needed to make a great Star Trek feature.

"What makes a good Trek film is what makes any good action-adventure film," Logan told Cinescape Magazine (via TrekWeb). "That's a strong adversary - an antagonist who is worthy of the protagonist."

He went on to talk about the previous Trek movie, 'Insurrection.' "I enjoyed 'Insurrection' very much, but I think that if there was a problem with the script," he explained. "I think that it was a little anemic.

"It wasn't grand enough for Trek and we are dealing with huge emotions in this movie, where the actors are really allowed to strut their stuff. If you see a good production of King Lear, you can see it set around this table and it would still be big because of the passion behind it. That's what I would hope we're doing with 'Nemesis.' Big ideas. Big emotions."

The writer remained optimistic about the next Trek feature. "I'm hoping I'll be back for Star Trek XI," he said. "Hopefully, I won't be missing Trek for too long. It all depends on opening weekend. I told Rick [Berman] 'If we have a good opening weekend, I expect that call from you asking me what have I got for Star Trek XI.' If we have a bad opening weekend, you may never hear from me again."

More from John Logan can be found in the current issue of Cinescape Magazine out now in the US. Alternatively, extracts are online here at TrekWeb.

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