Wildstorm Goes Cold On Trek Comics

By Lisa
July 20, 2001 - 4:46 PM

Wildstorm Comics presented an impressive list of future releases at the San Diego Comic Con yesterday. But missing from their line-up was a firm commitment to new Star Trek titles.

"We donít have so many more [Star Trek comics] that are in the works," said group editor Scott Dunbier, reported by Cinescape. "We will be producing more projects but probably not as many as we have been putting out. The projects weíve been doing are good but they havenít been performing well."

The company have produced a host of Trek titles since it acquired the license in 1999, featuring the Original Series, Next Generation, DS9 and Voyager crews. Titles include the recent Voyager 'Planet Killer' trilogy and the current DS9/TNG crossover Divided we Fall. But apart from a new Next Generation hardcover graphic novel titled, 'Forgiveness' no other Trek comics were announced as being in production.

"We have high hopes for this new series though," said Dunbier, indicating that Enterprise might help to regenerate the Star Trek comics series.

Star Trek Comics first appeared published by Gold Key in 1967 and have been published in a slew of different incarnations ever since. DC-owned Wildstorm Comics are the fifth publisher to own the license to produce comics, that has previously been owned by Marvel, DC, Gold Key and Malibu.

More information about Wildstorm at the comic con can be found here at Cinescape. Thanks go out to TrekWeb for this news.

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