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Nemesis 'Rough Cut' Review Online

By Lisa
June 21, 2002 - 2:18 AM

The first review of 'Star Trek: Nemesis' to be based on actual footage of the movie found its way onto the internet today.

"A friend of mine in Paramount recently lent me a rough cut - and I mean rough - of 'Star Trek: Nemesis'," wrote CptTrekkie at spoiler site Aint It Cool News.

The review contains tips for those who managed to find an early leaked copy of the movie screenplay online. "For those that hated the online draft of the script, I must inform you that most of the dumb jokes in that draft [...] have been obliterated," the site's source wrote. "The climax battle has been abbreviated slightly, probably due to budget problems, but it is still easily the longest and most impressive space dogfight of all the Star Trek films, beating the living hell out of 'The Wrath of Khan' finale - and this was a rough cut."

It is also positive about the structure of the movie. "The plot and pacing are perfect to rescue the franchise from it's stereotype of being slow and talky, though this film might have come too late to change that. The action is abundant, and there is enough substance to keep the story from becoming brainless. From what I could tell, the special effects will be eye openers once they are finished, and I hope they aren't ruined by being totally exposed in the trailers and ads."

Of course, there was still room for improvement. "Picard's attempt to convert Shinzon to, quite literally, the good side of the force are way too similar to Luke & Vader in '[Return of the] Jedi'. The way that the climax is structured is also a bit too similar to 'The Wrath of Khan', despite being far superior to TWK's already superior action sequence." The reviewer also noted that some jokes and one-liners were rather clunky.

"This is the Next Generation film we've all been waiting for," the reviewer said in conclusion. "This is the film 'First Contact' never managed to be."

For the complete, much more detailed review, follow this link to Aint It Cool News.

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