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By Caillan
June 20, 2001 - 12:50 PM

  • Julia Houston's latest column at is full of lots of helpful tips on how to write fanfiction from established fan writers. Here's an extract:

    I've already written some articles about fanfic, and I'll doubtlessly write more, but I thought everyone might be tired of hearing me yap, especially since I haven't written any fanfic myself in a couple years. So here's a compilation of excellent advice from established fanfic writers given when I asked them two basic questions:

    What advice do you have for people who have never written fanfic and want to get started?
    What advice do you have for people already writing who want to make their work better?

    To find out the answers, head over to this page at

  • William Shatner is currently appearing in a Canadian television advertisement for Molson's beer. In the commercial, Shatner sits on a stool in studio, singing along to a musical montage. The montage includes scenes from Canadian history that have been modified to appear that the historical figures themselves are participating. Many thanks to Tom for sending this in!

  • The latest edition of Lynette Rice's "On The Air" column at Entertainment Weekly Online includes a mention of the reaction to the Enterprise promo that failed to include Captain Sisko, and the subsequent decision by UPN to include the DS9 captain. To find out more, head over to On The Air. Thanks to Holly Kim Wilson for this!

  • The Psi Phi Book Database has been recently updated with excerpts from Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Book Six: Cold Fusion, by Keith R.A. DeCandido and Book Seven: Invincible, Book One, by David Mack and DeCandido. Also new is an audio clip from the audibook of The Eugenics Wars, Book One, read by Anthony Stewart Head, and the updated schedule for January 2002.

  • The latest edition of John Thonen's 'Vidiocy' column at includes a brief review of the latest Original Series DVD releases, Volume 25 (featuring 'A Piece Of The Action' and 'By Any Other Name') and Volume 26 (which includes 'Return To Tomorrow' and 'Patterns Of Force'). The full column can be found here.

  • The upcoming issue of the UK Starburst magazine features Scott Bakula (Captain Archer) on the cover, and includes a profile of the Enterprise cast and crew in addition to an interview with Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway).

  • Comics Continuum has posted details of the latest TNG comics, 'Enemy Unseen' (to be released September 12) and 'Forgiveness' (to be released on October 17). Thanks to TrekWeb for the tip!

  • The Official Jeri Lynn Ryan homepage reported that 'Dracula 2000,' starring Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) will be released in the Czech Republic in October. The film will be retitled 'Dracula 2001.' The site has also posted an image of Ryan at the recent Slanted Fedora convention. Details of both can be found here.

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