New 'Voyager' Background Articles

By Christian
June 20, 2000 - 9:59 PM

With the almost complete absence of news, fortunately several people are stepping in with some interesting background articles, mostly dealing with 'Voyager'. After 'The Voyager Conspiracy' on the Trek Nation a few days ago, three new articles have appeared online:

  • In the first article, Julia Houston at's Star Trek Fans continues her series of Paris and Tuvok Holonovels, this time presenting us with 'Who Wants To Be a Lieutenant?':

    The studio lights go up to the cheering crowd as Neelix steps into the circle. He's wearing a dark gray suit, blue shirt, and bluer shiny tie. He flashes that famous smile at the home viewers and waves towards those two empty chairs at the center of the stage.

    "Well, as we all remember from last time, Ensign Harry Kim beat out the other contestants by knowing how to put the First Contact situations in their proper order, starting with the earliest. We were only able to play with him for a short while, but when we stopped, he'd made it through the first five questions, and now he can't leave here without at least a commendation for his efforts. But he's back now, and he's ready to play!

    "So how about you? Are you all ready to play Who Wants to Be a Lieutenant?!"

    If you're ready, please follow this link.

  • In another article, L. Massman at Inside Voyager writes about Voyager's defensive capabilities:

    Have you ever considered how many times the computer has actually said this in the entire series of Voyager? I think about once or twice times. In "Worst Case Scenario," the computer noted an intruder, Captain Kathryn Janeway. Whoops. Now, think about how many times intruders have actually came onboard and have not been detected. I'm sure there are a couple dozen times. If Voyager is so technologically enhanced, why is Voyager so susceptible to every blooming alien that comes its way.

    Let's take a look at exactly what Voyager does have and how it measures up to the Delta Quadrant requirements...

    Go here for the full article.

  • Finally, AntonyF at Fandom's Star Trek Central has put up his review of the first part of season six, sounding a lot more positive than usual:

    I`ve certainly dished out a fair amount of criticism for Voyager, and I`m sure it`s not over - I still have a fair amount of gripes. However, I been wanting to write something more positive, and for the first time in ages I`m in the position to do so - it`s refreshing! After the awful fourth and fifth seasons any faith I have for Voyager has all but gone. I just don`t care for them anymore; my heart isn`t there. However season six so far (with the exception of the pretty abysmal Equinox) has been stable, often imaginative and has a new life in it. There`s a sense of direction, adventure and much needed character interaction.

    Can it erase the past? No. Nothing can re-ignite my love for the show that I had in its early seasons, but for now I`m just happy to be content in watching some decent episodes, and that`s been mostly possible so far. Here are my opinions of the season so far. I hope the good run continues.

    The full version of this article can be found here.

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