Official 'Zero Hour' Details Available

By Michelle
May 20, 2004 - 4:38 PM

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The fate of Earth hangs in the balance in the third season finale of Star Trek: Enterprise, "Zero Hour", which airs Wednesday, May 26th on UPN. released the official synopsis of the episode, written by series creators and executive producers Rick Berman & Brannon Braga:

Aboard Degra's ship, Archer, Reed and Hoshi work with the Arboreals and Humanoids to chase the Reptilians and stop the Xindi Weapon from decimating Earth. Archer's plan is to board the weapon and try to overload the power systems, but he'll need the help of an ailing Hoshi to read the weapon schematics.

Back in the Delphic Expanse, T'Pol leads the NX-01 in an attempt to obliterate Sphere 41 in hopes of disabling the entire network of Spheres. But the crew's time is limited, as that region of space has a degenerative effect on their bodies, and the furious Sphere-Builders try to tear Enterprise apart.

"Zero Hour" was directed by long-time veteran Allan Kroeker, who also directed season premiere "The Xindi."

The guest cast includes the following actors:

  • Scott MacDonald as Reptilian Commander
  • Rick Worthy as Xindi-Arboreal
  • Tucker Smallwood as Xindi-Humanoid
  • Josette DiCarlo as Sphere-Builder Woman
  • Bruce Thomas as Reptilian Soldier
  • Andrew Borba as Reptilian Lieutenant
  • Matt Winston as Daniels
  • Mary Mara as Sphere-Builder Presage
  • Ruth Williamson as Sphere-Builder Primary
  • Jeffrey Combs as Shran
  • Gunter Ziegler as Doctor
  • J. Paul Boehmer as Officer
  • Zachary Krebs as Andorian

Many of these actors have appeared on Enterprise for much of the third season within the Xindi arc. MacDonald, Worthy and Smallwood have played Reptilian, Arboreal and Humanoid Xindi for much of the season. DiCarlo, Mara and Williamson have appeared in each episode from "The Council" onward.

Winston last appeared in "Azati Prime", when Daniels took Archer into the future to show him an Enterprise with Xindi and humans co-existing peacefully. Combs played Shran earlier this season in "Proving Ground", when the Andorians attempted to secure the Xindi weapon for themselves in their conflict with the Vulcans.

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