'Enterprise' Security In Hands of DS9 Fan

By Michelle
May 20, 2003 - 11:35 PM

Steve D'Errico works security on Enterprise...not on Malcolm Reed's staff of officers, but on the studio lot where the television series films.

"I started here in January of 1998," D'Errico told StarTrek.com in an interview. He worked first on Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Voyager after five years at Paramount and, before that, directing security at a large shopping mall.

D'Errico became friendly with the Voyager writers and actually sold a story pitch for the seventh season, though the episode was never filmed. He claims Deep Space Nine as his favorite of the Trek shows, adding, "'In the Pale Moonlight' is, without a doubt, I think, one of the best episodes ever produced on Star Trek.

D'Errico said he enjoys the cast and crewmembers, who help the long hours pass quickly. On Enterprise, "There's a lot of humor. Everybody's very supportive of each other...the cast is a great group of people."

"I always say, 'The hours are lousy, but the actual minutes are really good!'" he joked of his average 14-16 hours a day for work.

To learn more about D'Errico, his working partner Lazard ("L.Z.") Ward and the Enterprise team, read the original article here.

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