Trinneer Praises 'Trek' Fans

By Caillan
May 20, 2003 - 11:11 AM

Whenever a Star Trek actor is interviewed by the mainstream media, they are inevitably asked, "What's it like dealing with the Trekkies?" Connor Trinneer ('Trip' Tucker) has one answer to that: no sweat.

Trinneer told the Seattle Times he's more than happy to spend time with Enterprise fans at conventions. "Hey, when you walk into a room filled with 3,000 people shouting your name, that's a good feeling," he told the newspaper.

"The fans, in general, have gotten a bad rap. As a kid, had Reggie Jackson come to my town, I would have lined up two blocks to get his autograph, too. It's a very diverse community of fans, and I've enjoyed myself."

The actor said he has benefited from his interactions with fans at conventions. "They clarified the message for me, more than anything I learned on the job. A lot of what the show offers, in its various incarnations, is about man's need to explore. It's proactive about humanity, and also isn't afraid to suggest that humans are fallible."

Although he will always be linked to the Trek franchise, for Trinneer, who called his role on Enterprise a "tremendous gift", that's not necessarily a bad thing. "I've got a great part on a good show. Thanks to a loyal fan base, we've had the luxury of working out the kinks."

The full interview, in which Trinneer also talked about his roles in One Life To Live and 61*, can be found here at the Seattle Times. Thanks to Mark Olwick for this!

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