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Reviewers Call 'Two Days' Uneven

By Christian
May 21, 2002 - 3:18 AM

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Last week's 'Two Days And Two Nights' broke Trek formula by featuring four main stories. According to many reviewers, this was an interesting, but not always fortunate choice:

  • The first review to appear on the net, as usual, was Herc's at Ain't It Cool News. Awarding 'Two Days and Two Nights' 3.5 stars, this was one of the more positive reviews to appear on the net, in which Herc praised the episode's "small virtues" and calling the doctor's grogginess at being roused from hibernation "one of the funniest bits ever to visit the Star Trek franchise." Read on here.

  • Reviewer Monkee likened 'Two Days and Two Nights' to 'Seinfeld in Space:'

    A Star Trek episode about...well, not much of anything, really. The Enterprise crew draws lots for the privilege of taking shore leave (two days and two nights, obviously) on Risa. Amazingly enough , most of the senior staff gets to go, and this episode is about their planet-side adventures. You know, I really like this concept. In fact, I wish they'd do an episode like this once every season – just get the characters off individually, or in small groups, and show us a day-in-the-life. It's wonderful for character development, or at least it ought to be. It didn't work as well as it should have here, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to see them try it again sometime.

    A look at each of the four storylines separately can be found here at Monkee's Place.

  • O. Deus at TrekWeb felt the episode was flawed in several ways, but still said it was "pleasant departure in that it explores the ensemble cast in a series that has so far eschewed B-Stories and manages to put together a diverse collection of stories into one episode." More can be found in the full review, in which O. Deus concludes by calling 'Two Days and Two Nights' "light entertainment [that] exceeds expectations."

  • For Matt D. at Trek5, 'Two Days and Two Nights' seemed to conform to all his expectations, but whether that was a good thing is questionable:

    As 'Enterprise's' penultimate episode of its first season, "Two Days and Two Nights" (2T&2N) is proof enough for me that the Star Trek franchise needs to put in to space dock for a few years. The writers seem to have forgotten who their characters are. Plot twists are visible a parsec away and, worst of all, it all just seems so damn boring.

    Matt D.'s full review can be read here.

  • Over at Trek 47, Brad also described the episode as "light entertainment," but still was far from impressed. "[After] all is said and done, Two Days doesn't really do much more than provide a little light entertainment. But it does showcase the strength of the Enterprise writing staff: character development. Now they just need to find someone that can write a good joke." More can be found here.

  • Keckler at Television Without Pity has put up his usual sarcasm-filled recap of the latest Enterprise episode:

    Quantum puts on his souvenir martyr t-shirt reading, 'I bore a cross and all I got was this lousy tee-shirt,' and whines, 'This doesn't feel right.' 'My thong is supposed to fit that way,' T'Pol tells him. Well, it's possible she doesn't, but I really don't want to listen to Quantum whinging

    The full, 13-page recap, can be found here.

  • Tim Lynch at Psi Phi only awarded the episode a 6.5 out of 10, though he did describe the episode as being "more good than bad." His full analysis of each of the four storylines can be found here.

  • CJ Carter at ScoopMe! commented on the difficulty of doing four stories justice:

    Like most vacations -- whether it's a hike through a national park, a weekend at the beach, a day trip to a theme park -- there's both good and bad to be had. It's the proportion of good to bad that determines the quality of the holiday. With two good stories, and two just average ones, the crew came out about even. Nothing to write home about, but decent enough to pass away some time.

    In the full review, there's a look at each of the four storylines as well as a section on the episode's "tidbits, irks and quirks."

  • And finally, T'Bonz at Section 31 awarded the episode a rating of 7/10. "For the most part, this was a lackluster show, saved only by the touches of humor and the nice continuity." T'Bonz's thoughts about what the episode says about Enterprise as a whole can be found here.

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