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Key 'Regeneration' Plot Points Revealed

By Caillan
April 20, 2003 - 8:17 AM

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The Borg will board Enterprise and assimilate Phlox in the upcoming May sweeps episode, "Regeneration", according to a report in a British magazine.

SFX published a synopsis of the episode in its recent issue, which has been made available online at the Great Link. As previously reported, the magazine indicates Starfleet scientists will discover wreckage of the Borg sphere from Star Trek: First Contact in the Arctic Circle, only to become members of the cybernetic race when some frozen drones reactivate and assimilate them.

The drones then reportedly assimilate the scientists' transport, and then leave Earth at a speed in excess of Warp Four. Enterprise, which has been assigned to track down the transport, encounters the Borgified ship just as they are assimilating a Tarkalean ship. Beaming the surivors over to the NX-01, the crew are astonished to discover the Tarkaleans have been assimilated. To make matters worse, they attempt to assimilate Doctor Phlox and infest Enterprise with Borg technology.

Fortunately, Doctor Phlox's Denobulan physiology allows him to counteract the Borg assimilation process, but Enterprise must still contend with the Borgified transport...

Please note that many of these plot details have not yet been officially confirmed by Paramount Pictures, and until then you should treat this information as you would any other rumour.

To read further spoilers about "Regeneration", including the ending, head over to the Great Link. Further information on "First Flight" is also available at the web site.

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