'Live Fast And Prosper' Reviews

By Christian
April 20, 2000 - 9:51 PM

With the episode just a day behind us, the first reviews have of course already started appearing. First up was Michelle Erica Green at Another Universe, who wasn't particularly impressed by the episode:

Voyager did a silly, trite swindle story last season with "Counterpoint," in which it was all too easy to figure out that Janeway's boyfriend would turn out to be a bad guy and she would be one step ahead of him. Yet "Live Fast and Prosper" was even worse. The only surprise was the discovery that the Doctor, who cannot even make hair visible on his own head, can perfectly duplicate the appearance of an alien via his holoemitter. And that's a real swindle - a cheap plot device requiring a break from previous canon, not even for a good reason. If the Doc could really take on the appearance of any alien or person on the crew, Voyager should have been able to send him aboard Borg vessels disguised as Janeway, or among aliens as one of their own when it was too dangerous to send a biological life-form. How cheap can you get? No wonder I found myself rooting for the fake Voyager crew.

The full analysis, as well as a synopsis of the episode, can be found in her 'Hailing Frequencies' column. This also includes a look at web sites analysing the relationship between Trek and religion, and a review of last year's 'Dominion War' novels.

Also available is a review by Cinescape's Michael Marek, who also doesn't sound too positive:

The idea for this episode is not bad -- three scam artists pretend to be Captain Janeway, Tuvok and Chakotay in order to bilk various gullible aliens out of whatever they have worth stealing. The episode has its clever moments, but it just didn't hang together.

Writer Robin Burger, who also holds producer credit for the episode, has previously given us Fair Haven and Memorial. In "Live Fast and Prosper", however, we have a series of disjointed ideas that don't make a very unified whole.

The full review can be found at Cinescape.

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