Gaming Bullets

By Christian
April 20, 2000 - 5:07 PM

  • 3dfx Gamers have put up several pieces of concept art from 'Klingon Academy', Interplay's upcoming space simulator.

  • They've also put up three sound files from the game, available as MP3 files ranging in size from 377K to just over 1 MB. Two of the files consist of battle music, while one is the game theme.

  • Klingon Academy News has put up a set of high-resolution screenshots of the upcoming multiplayer beta of the game.

  • And finally, Interplay designer Raphael has posted a development update to the official site's message boards, talking about the changes implemented for the multiplayer demo, which should be available on Friday.

  • And in non-Klingon news, Stephen Butts at IGN PC has put up a rather long preview of Raven's 'Voyager: Elite Force'. In the preview, he has one rather surprising announcement to make - all the Voyager actors provide voice talent for the game, except for one: Jeri Ryan, who stars as Seven of Nine.

  • Thanks go out to Blue's News, Federation HQ and Klingon Academy News for these items!

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