Masterson On Montel Williams Show

By Christian
April 20, 2000 - 3:28 PM

Chase Masterson (Leeta) will be appearing on this Friday's episode of the Montel Williams Show, a syndicated daytime talk show. Here is a message from Masterson herself, as passed on to us by George Kuhr at the official Chase Masterson Fan Club:


I want to let you know that my "Montel" episode is going to air this Friday, 4/21. It's about disenfrachised eenagers who feel outcast (i.e. are called "geeks.") I came on as a role model, (partly due to Star Trek and partly due to my own geeklike teenage years) and I think it's going to be a pretty neat episode. It's syndicated, so it's hard to say what time it'll be on in what city, but people can check @

Much love & thanks,


In addition, below is the info on the episode as found on the official site:

High School can be a tough experience. Today's guests are teen girls who say that they have been assaulted both verbally and physically by other students. They are seeking advice and help on how to survive their High School years.

Info on when and where the show airs in your local area can be found here. Thanks go out to George "Stompy" Kuhr at the Chase Masterson Official Fan Club for this!

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