Star Trek Magazine News Bits (Updated!)

By Christian
April 20, 2000 - 3:15 PM

Doug Wilson just sent in a report regarding the lates issues of the official Star Magazine and the Star Trek Communicator, both of which included several Trek news items:

  • In the May issue of the 'Magazine', the Excelsior Campaign was acknowledged in print, on page 107, in the Letters section. Another letter in that section expressed support for the return of Kirk.

  • The cover story of the Communicator is a feature titled 'Kes Kills?'. The magazine also contains info on the remaining episodes of the sixth season, plus this official air schedule:

    April 19: 'Live Fast and Prosper'
    April 26: 'Muse'
    May 3: 'Fury'
    May 10: 'Life Line'
    May 17: 'The Haunting of Deck Twelve'
    May 24: 'Unimatrix Zero'

  • Finally, the Communicator also featured an interview with Rick Berman. In the interview, which presumably took place about a month ago, he was of course asked about the status of the new series, to which he replied: "As far as the development on the new series and where it will air, we are still in a holding pattern." He then went on to talk about the recent Viacom/CBS/UPN happenings, and concluded by saying that there was nothing really new to pass on right now and that they were "just waiting". However, he was still confident that the idea they've had would go forward, and he predicted a September 2001 airdate due to the amount of delays they've had, but said that "It's hard to say right now."

    After the Series V part, Berman also talked about the tenth Trek film, saying:

    "I am actually beginning work on the story of the film this week with a new writer that I can't reveal just yet. He is a non-Trek writer, and someone you've probably heard of. There are a lot of variables this step and the movie going forward, but we are taking it one step at a time. We have a general idea of a story and a writer that I think is great."

    Berman was "still optimistic" that it would be a TNG film, but, again, blamed variables. They're still aiming for a Christmas 2001 release date.

    Finally, regarding 'Voyager', he confirmed again they would have a Final Chapter similar to what DS9 did, which would take about 5-10 episodes to clear everything up.

  • (Update, 5:40pm GMT:) A transcript of the full interview has now been put up at Section 31.
Major thanks go out to Doug Wilson for sending this in!

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