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An archive of Star Trek News

News Bullets

By Michelle
March 20, 2006 - 10:22 PM

  • Patrick Stewart (Picard) joins Richard & Judy this week on the UK's Channel 4.

  • PR Inside's report on the TV Land Awards notes that several Star Trek performers were in attendance, including William Shatner (Kirk) and Kelsey Grammer (Morgan Bateson) - the former to present an award to the Batman cast, the latter as part of a group from Cheers that received an award.

  • reports that Kim Cattrall (Valeris) is joining Elton John's upcoming TV series in which Buffy The Vampire Slayer's Anthony Stewart Head will play the singer.

  • Daniel Dae Kim, the onetime Enterprise MACO who now stars on Lost, has a new interview in the Montgomery Advertiser.

  • Britain's BBC has filmed a production of A for Andromeda that begins airing next week. Tom Hardy (Shinzon) stars in it.

  • Artists and designers Rick Sternbach and Michael and Denise Okuda will speak at the 25th annual International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles from May 4-7th along with astronaut Buzz Aldrin, notes

  • Decipher has an article on using CCG cards to direct your own Star Trek episode.

  • TrekWeb has a five-star review of the Enterprise novel Rosetta by Dave Stern.

  • Robert Duncan McNeill (Paris), Connor Trinneer (Tucker), Garrett Wang (Kim) and Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun, Shran) have all signed to attend Creation's Las Vegas anniversary convention in August.

  • The fan film production Star Trek vs. Batman has posted a screenplay and images of the actors.

  • The UK's Media Bulletin has Britain's Sci Fi Channel lineup for 2006, which includes the original Star Trek, Trekkies and several of the Trek feature films.

  • iF Magazine has a review of the Fan Collective - Borg DVD set, which earned an A-.

  • TrekCore's 'humiliate the webmaster' fundraiser has reached its goal and the webmaster will be posing in a thong for photos next month! In the meantime, the gaming section has added coverage of Star Trek: Bridge Commander; the site has released screen captures from seven episodes of the Original Series; and screen shots have been added for Enterprise's "Fortunate Son", "Cold Front", "Silent Enemy", "Dear Doctor" and "Sleeping Dogs", plus Voyager's "Resistance", "Prototype", "Alliance" and "Threshold" as well as Deep Space Nine's "Return to Grace".

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