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Fatjo, Moore Believe 'Enterprise' Won't Be Back

By Michelle
March 20, 2005 - 1:47 AM

Lolita Fatjo, the former script coordinator for Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager, confirmed that Paramount has put the Star Trek: Enterprise sets into storage rather than destroying them but said that fans should not take that as a sign that the show may return on a network other than UPN.

"A lot of the other sets are still in storage from Voyager and from The Next Generation," Fatjo told Chase Masterson (Leeta) at "I do think it's a shame the show did get cancelled after just four seasons, but I really don't know if it will be saved. I think everybody that worked on the show would love to see that happen, but as the entertainment business works, the actors that were on Enterprise and the crew are all off doing other things already. My personal feeling is that yes, there will be another Star Trek show, without a doubt. But will it be Enterprise? I doubt it."

Fatjo, who explained that she started working on Next Gen during its second season just after the end of the writers' strike that had paralyzed Hollywood, said that she had been happy to take what she expected to be a temporary position with Star Trek because she knew Jonathan Frakes (Riker) and had taken acting classes from Patrick Stewart (Picard). She had been told that Microsoft Word was a requirement for the job, and did some quick studying because she didn't really know the program. When she arrived, she explained, "someone said 'You must be the Microsoft Word expert!' That was the best acting job I ever did!"

A member of the team since that day in 1987, Fatjo said she felt "so honored" to be working closely with Gene Roddenberry and loved the excitement generated by the show, which was a big hit by the third season. She felt it had the best writing on television at the time, "and it was like a huge family, everyone got alone. But being with Gene was very special."

Very close with DS9's Rom, Max Grodencik, Fatjo helped the actor write a skit called The Ferengi Family Hour to be performed at conventions by himself, Aron Eisenberg, Cecily Adams (Moogie), Masterson, and occasionally other guests. Masterson played a clip from a recording of a song from a performance in which Grodencik, Masterson and Fatjo sing "I've Got Two Babes" to the tune of Sonny & Cher's "I've Got You Babe." During the song, Grodencik claims that Leeta screams "Dabo" in his dreams, but he says he's sticking with Fatjo because she's the only one of them who still has a job. He also believes that the women find him charmin' because one thinks he's Quark and the other thinks he's Armin.

During the same session, Masterson interviewed six-time Emmy winner, special effects artist Ronald Moore. Like Fatjo, he said he did not believe that there was much hope for a fifth season for Enterprise but said he hoped that there might be a TV movie. "It's such a good show," he noted, adding that the ending was "so emotional - Tuesday was like a block party outside, with everybody who ever worked on the show."

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