Gaming Bullets

By Amy
March 20, 2001 - 6:18 PM

  • Voodoo Extreme recently interviewed Parker A. Davis - Senior Producer on the 'Star Trek: Bridge Commander' team. A number of things are discussed in the nine-question interview, but perhaps the most interesting item is the news that the game will have some voice interaction.

    VE: Now that it's there will be an voice-command option tell us about it. To what extent will gamers be able to order voice commands?

    PD: Gamers will be able to utilize Game Commander, or Microsoft's Game Voice, to issue commands on the bridge for all major game functions. For example, you will be able to raise shields, change alert status, issue orders to target and engage the enemy, maneuver your ship, navigate between stars systems and planets, prioritize damage control, scan objects or regions, fire weapons, etc. You will be able to customize your own commands to command your crew, and we will be shipping with custom profiles, with all hot keys mapped to predetermined voice commands.

  • Tuplay has posted an interview with Laird Malamed, Executive Producer for Activision's shooter and online titles, one of which is Star Trek:Elite Force.

  • The third review so far for the latest Star Trek PC release, 'Away Team' is out over at the Daily Radar. Reviewer Jim Preston rated it as a hit, saying that "It won't win any awards for graphics or AI, but Away Team is a solid and fun experience."

  • Meanwhile, ZDNet has made the introductory video for the game available for download. It can be found here as 13.6MB Windows Media zip file, a 14.2MB MPEG file or as streaming versions of the two formats.

  • Decipher, makers of the customisable card game, have posted 5 new Romulan Review Strategy Articles.

Thanks go out to SciFi Gaming for some of these!

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