Voyager Veteran Allan Kroeker To Direct Finale

By Amy
March 20, 2001 - 9:13 AM

The first concrete information regarding Voyager's series finale is out, in addition to a few new bits and pieces for the five preceding episodes.

In their latest production update, the official Star Trek site has announced that Trek veteran Allan Kroeker is currently directing the series finale. Kroeker has directed numerous episodes of both Deep Space Nine and Voyager, including 'Unimatrix Zero - Part I' and 'Human Error'. He is certainly no stranger to high-profile episodes, having directed the Deep Space Nine series finale, 'What You Leave Behind' and the premiere episode of 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda', 'Under The Night'.

While not officially confirmed by Paramount, a report surfaced a week ago stating that the finale will be entitled 'Endgame', and that at least part of the episode is set 23 years in the future, after the return of Voyager to the Alpha Quadrant. Shooting on the episode is now underway and is expected to continue for about two and a half weeks, not counting Second Unit photography. The final production date is currently set as April 9.

The article itself also serves to announce the upcoming addition of a new section to the official site, dedicated to Voyager's final few hours. The new addition promises to post more information on the finale, though they say that "the majority of the pertinent details will be posted at a slightly later date than normal." As a bit of a teaser, they've posted a re-hash of recent production information, with a few minor new minor bits of information for flavour.

There's a bit more information on episode #267 'Friendship One' for example, via a new and slightly extended synopsis ("The tale of an old Earth probe that the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager is sent to investigate. However, the probe has changed considerably since it was launched in 2067, four years after Zefram Cochrane made his historic warp flight."). However, aside from a brief mention of heating problems during the filming of 'Natural Law' (the call sheet for the episode apparently featured several reminders to keep the heat on and the doors closed on Stage 16) and a similarly brief note on 'Destiny', there is little, if anything, that hasn't already been seen elsewhere - or even on the official site itself.

The original production update can be found here at the official site.

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