Bakula Mocks UPN, Says Son Loves TNG

By Michelle
February 20, 2004 - 7:59 PM

"Man, this is more free ad time, which is more than we get on UPN!" Scott Bakula (Captain Archer) declared on The Wayne Brady Show earlier this week.

Making an appearance to promote sweeps month episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, including this week's episode, "Doctor's Orders", Bakula also said that everyone seems to know William Shatner (Captain Kirk) but himself and admitted that his son prefers The Next Generation to the earlier Treks. A transcript is available from TRexx (via TrekWeb).

Brady and Bakula had recently seen one another at the Kennedy Center Honors where they said they had made plans for this appearance. "I've told you before, and even personally you know, that I'm a big fan of the show," enthused Brady, who offered to play a captain on Enterprise.

In this week's episode, Bakula admitted to Brady, Phlox "goes...coo-coo." The actor jokingly added that he had "been wanting to slap [Phlox] for three years." But he groaned at the discovery that Brady is friendly with Shatner, saying that people tell him all the time about their encounters with the legendary Trek captain.

Bakula explained that in his own closest encounter with Shatner, "My wife's dad, years ago, sold him a horse." Worse, said the actor, his own son called "LeVar's" Star Trek his favourite and asked Bakula to get him copies of The Next Generation.

Asked about the possibility of a Quantum Leap feature film, Bakula said he had been told that Universal did not believe the it would be a marketable franchise and scoffed that "when eventually Universal gets around to making it, it'll be with, you know, Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson."

Answering rapid-fire questions on a variety of topics, Bakula called Star Trek fans cooler than Lord of the Rings fans, said that he'd already exposed his "booby" on television and noted that the most important thing to bring on a deep-space mission is toilet paper.

A complete transcript is here. Thanks to TrekWeb for the link.

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