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The Borg To Appear On 'Enterprise'

By Caillan
February 20, 2003 - 11:08 AM

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The Borg will reportedly make their first appearance on Enterprise in the upcoming episode 'Regeneration'.

Sources today revealed the first plot information on the episode, the twenty-third season two outing to go before the cameras. Please note that the below plot information comes from an incomplete version of the script and details may change before the episode enters production.

The episode opens at the Arctic Circle, Earth. Three humans - Doctor Moninger, Rooney, and Drake - are crossing the glacial terrain. They encounter a jagged hull fragment, "twenty or thirty feet high," which the script identifies as a "Borg Sphere that crashed in the Arctic Circle almost a century ago." As they examine the fragments of the Borg ship, Rooney uncovers a Borg drone frozen in the ice. "We'd better call Starfleet," Drake says, and the screen fades to black.

Act One begins with the researchers examining two Borg drones they have recovered from the debris. Doctor Moninger has discovered that the two drones are not of the same species, which puzzles him. Meanwhile, Rooney, who has been conducting a metallurgical analysis, has found out that the debris has lain in the Arctic circle for one hundred years. "If their ship hadn't been destroyed, our First Contact might've been with these people," Drake muses.

We catch up with the threesome again a few hours later. Doctor Moninger has discovered that the Borg are being repaired and regenerated by their nanoprobes. Drake comments that the Denobulans have experimented with nanotechnology, but not to this extent. Later, Drake and Rooney make another significant discovery while out in the field - a Borg Warp Coil.

Back at the lab, Doctor Moninger is astonished as the Borg drone comes to life before his very eyes. He attempts to make contact with the drone, when the scene suddenly switches back to Drake and Rooney exploring the debris. They hear a weapons blast coming from the lab, and they rush back, only to discover a massive hole in the wall, and Doctor Moninger lying on the floor, slowly being assimilated. As Drake tries to help the doctor, who is still alive, the Borg drone reappears, and grabs Rooney!

After this, the scene moves to Starfleet Command, with Commander Williams telling Admiral Forrest they've lost contact with the excavation team. Forrest orders Williams to ready a fully-armed shuttle...

Detailed plot information ends at that point, but according to the script excerpts, the NX-01 will encounter a Borgified transport later in the episode.

Please note that this information has not yet been confirmed by Paramount Pictures and until such time you should treat this as you would any other rumour.

'Regeneration' will likely air in May, 2003.

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