New Voyager Episode Title Revealed?

By Amy
February 20, 2001 - 6:58 PM

Another day for both new rumours and more confirmation of old rumours, the new being Voyager, the old being Series V.

The Great Link recently received word from one of their insiders regarding two upcoming Voyager episodes. Unfortunately, there’s not too much to go on. We have a title for one – 'Friendship One', which reportedly finished shooting last week and will be either episode 20 or 21 of the season, while the second, as yet untitled, will deal with the crew having alter egos. Again, what exactly is meant by that is unknown, though it might simply refer to next week's Voyager episode, 'Workforce', which features a similar storyline. At present, there is no way of confirming these, so please treat them as you would any rumour.

One rumour that has been confirmed, twice now, however, is the airdate for Series V. CNN has posted a report, adding its weight to recent comments by financial analysis Rick Ellis that the new series is set to air in the fall of this year. Again no real word is giving to the impact, if any, the impending guild strikes might have.

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