Xindi Arc May End In May

By Michelle
January 20, 2004 - 6:37 AM

Executive producer Rick Berman reiterated that he expects the Xindi arc to last until the end of this season of Star Trek: Enterprise, but remained vague on the possibility that it could last into a fourth season.

In issue 113 of Star Trek Magazine, formerly Star Trek: Monthly (via Sci-Fi Pulse), Berman spoke about the upcoming episodes "Harbinger", "Doctors Orders" and "Hatchery", all of which will air on UPN in the next several weeks.

"You know how miners used to take canaries down into to mines with them? This episode is about how one of the guys who built the spheres sent a canary, so to speak, to see how well it's coming along," he said of "Harbinger", the episode better known as the one in which T'Pol becomes jealous of Tucker's relationship with a female MACO.

In "Doctor's Orders", Berman continued, Dr. Phlox will oversee Enterprise as the ship passes through a dangerous part of the Expanse. "Phlox is in charge of monitoring the crew and the ship, because he's had to put everybody in a coma," he explained. "It's a very spooky episode that enables us to take advantage of the wonderful John Billingsley."

"Hatchery," noted Berman, sees Captain Archer take "a very unusual and protective interest" in Xindi eggs found on a damaged ship, and, "as a result, a potential mutiny is born."

"That takes you into February sweeps," he observed. "Beyond that, we have other shows that we're working on, but they are more in the conceptual stage."

"So far as next season, I think that the Xindi arc may very well play itself out this year. But not necessarily." He added that he hoped to address the founding of the Federation before the series finished its run.

To read more from Berman, including his comments on his limited convention appearances, at Sci Fi Pulse.

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